is the one source for all cheerleading safety information, from the latest regulations and research to the rules that every team should follow.

CheerSafe is a coalition of national, regional and state organizations that are committed to improving cheerleading safety by increasing safety awareness throughout the extended cheerleading community.

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Our Mission

CheerSafe’s mission is to educate parents, cheerleaders and administrators to the facts of cheerleading safety at every level – school, college and all star—and to promote and improve cheerleading safety through the involvement of a wide spectrum of organizations in the cheerleading community.

Cheerleading safety can be seen as the model for all athletic activities. The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators has been leading the way in cheerleading safety since 1987, with risk management courses, as well as guidelines for coaching according to the safest practices.

CheerSafe members have committed to ensuring that every cheerleading team be trained under the direction of a knowledgeable coach; that the cheerleading team follows established safety rules and that they have an emergency plan in place.