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Crawl, Sit, Stand, Walk, Run, Sprint!

If cheerleading safety can be summarized into one concept, it’s this; skills shouldn’t be attempted before they are ready to be attempted.

While that sounds obvious and oversimplified, failure to follow proper skill progressions is perhaps the number one cause of avoidable injury. Imagine holding a baby in a standing position before it’s ever crawled. Not only can you not expect it to stand, if you let go, you know it’s going to fall! While we can encourage babies to stand and walk, and even help them to do so, we know there is a progression they have to go through that can’t be skipped. Athletic skills like cheerleading are no different. Every team’s safety program should include the understanding and implementation of proper skill progression.


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Is there a governing body for cheerleading?
USA Cheer represents all forms of cheerleading in the United States and advocates for all cheerleaders – school, college, and all star (non school, club cheerleading) – to receive the tools they need to succeed, including proper equipment, trained instructors and medical resources. [View All…]

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The Truth About Cheerleading Safety

*Originally Published in American Cheerleader Magazine*

by Jim Lord
Executive Director, AACCA

Cheer often gets a bad rap in the media when it comes to safety. This is due to several reasons that require a long conversation about sociology, expectations, data reporting, misunderstandings about how cheerleading works and unfortunately, the reality that headlines attract attention. In truth, the risk of injury in cheerleading is about the same as other sports, if not lower.

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Cheerleading 5th Lowest Injury Rate of 22 High School Sports

Another study has come out that confirms what we have known for a long time, that cheerleading is actually one of the safer sports available to young people. In the January 2016 edition of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal PEDIATRICS, Dustin Currie, et al., state that using the last five years of data compiled by the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study (NHSSRIS), injury rates in cheerleading rank 18th out of 22 sports, with an overall injury rate of .71 injuries per 1,000 athlete-exposures (AEs).

Concussion Rates Lower Than Other Sports

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