Cheerleading is regulated on all levels to ensure it is practiced and performed safely in gyms, high schools and colleges throughout the country.

The NCAA and college conferences requires that college cheerleading programs follow the USA Cheer College Safety Rules at their events, which restrict what skills can be performed.  The NCAA requires that cheer programs are under the direct supervision of someone who has completed a national cheerleading safety course.

High school cheer programs are governed by their state associations, just like football, volleyball and other sports and follow the NFHS Spirit Rules.

All Star cheerleading (non-school) is governed by the US All Star Federation, which has a coaches credentialing program and varying competition levels to provide a progressive safety environment.

USA Cheer represents all forms of cheerleading in the United States and advocates for all cheerleaders to receive the tools they need to succeed, including proper equipment, trained instructors and medical resources.